Well, it never fails. Another weekend vote and our country spends another $1.1 Trillion dollars. Why is it that we seem to vote in the Senate only on the weekends? The President will sign us further and further in debt as a country and we seem to have no limit on how much we will borrow. Do you realize that to write that amount would look like this: $1,100,000,000,000?It is hard to imagine that this is only half of the bills and we have one left that is another $626 Billion. Why is this one left? It is the defense bill and by leaving it to still be voted on, Senators will be hard pressed to vote against it. One of the parts of that bill will be to increase our total debt limit to $12.1 Trillion. Isn’t it common sense to stop spending when you don’t have money? The bill passed Sunday increases budgets about 10 % for programs that Congress oversees. So, when the rest of us are trying to maintain our current incomes and are adjusting our budgets to accommodate a downturn in the economy, our governmental agencies are getting 10 % raises. What happened to the candidates who ran on cutting special interests and pork projects? Now that they are elected, they seem to think we have an open check book. Instead of working so hard on global warming, health insurance, healthcare, and cash for clunkers, why don’t our elected officials start doing their jobs and become stewards of our resources. Some of the special interest items in the bill are construction of a farmer’s market in Kentucky, renovation of a theater in New York, and restoration of a mill in Rhode Island. This has nothing to do with being a democrat or republican. Both parties have stuck pork into the bill. In a time where our country is putting itself at financial risk, do we really need to build a farmer’s market? I thought the idea of a farmer’s market was that it was sort of an informal place where locals made their products available with out any overhead. It is time to contact your senator and ask if they voted for this bill and why. If they tell you that they voted for it, ask them how we can afford to continue this type of borrowing without future consequence. We need an intervention just as if someone we knew had become addicted to something. Our elected officials have become addicted to power and greed and have forgotten the principals that founded our Republic. I have always been one to sit back and kind of watch but really wasn’t paying attention but the more I see, the more concerned I become. By the way, our Senator Nelson voted for the bill. I wonder what Nebraska gets in the way of pork project?