Who would have guessed that the term “Cornhusker Kickback” would be something not associated with Nebraska football? When Senator Ben (can be bought) Nelson bargained for Nebraska to be exempt from the costs of Medicaid under the healthcare bill, he showed other Senators and politicians that you can sell your votes. For some reason, I thought that bribing a public official was illegal. From now on, if enough money is on the line, it is perfectly ethical to sell your vote. Now the labor unions have been able to put a caveat into the plan that their members will not have to pay the “Cadillac” tax on benefits. The owners of the business will have to pay the tax but his or her employees will not. Talk about another disincentive to start a business. You have to give your employees better health care coverage than you can give yourself. Explain again how this lowers the cost of premiums. I have to say that it doesn’t seem like the emphasis is on lowering costs but rather redistributing the “wealth” and taking on capitalism as the villain. Our country is built on the concept that people take risks and for those risks come the rewards. Based on some of the things that have recently come to light, it is now that you take on the risks and for that you are penalized. Your taxes will be higher, you must provide better benefits to your employees than you can provide to yourself, and if you fail, you actually can be better taken care of. Since this is becoming the norm, I am thinking of starting an organization of people who will sell their votes to potential candidates. If we get enough people involved, I will bet we can make some money. You know kind of what AARP did. They sold their “vote” so that they can make more profits selling their Medicare Supplements rather than letting the public use Medicare Advantage plans. Have you noticed that AARP now sells other insurance products also? For an organization that was formed to promote fair treatment for seniors, it seems that now they are more concerned about making money from insurance product sells. By backing the health care bill, they know they are harming the very people they say they represent. But the price they were able to get for their vote, must have been enough to warrant them selling out their constituents. Just like Senator Nelson, they should be shown the door. Why can’t we get back to people doing what is best for our country and forget what is the price of a vote? Senator Nelson has said he voted because it was what is best for Nebraska. I can’t wait to see what else was paid that benefits him. If he doesn’t pursue re-election, you can be assured that he was offered some other inducement such as an ambassadorship, or place in the political spectrum. Shame on our Senator and shame on us for allowing our government the ability to stray so far from our founder’s intent.