With the changes to the legislative landscape, now is the time to do for our clients what the government said they could do better than agents. That is to find the right solution for our clients needs. For too long, we as an industry have taken for granted that what our clients wanted was the lowest priced carrier. Yes, price is always a concern but if it was the only concern, companies would locate in the cheapest buildings, drive the cheapest vehicles, and not waste money on technology or advertising. Let’s face it, our clients are all different and as such, need different solutions for their needs. I am constantly surprised by what I see and hear in the marketplace. Business owners are saying they want to find knowledgable brokers who will work with them to control costs over a period of years. From brokers I hear that the only thing important to owners is low price. Well,e you can’t have low price and solid sutions in today’s world. Do you really think a business owner would mind paying a little extra if you could help control costs for them over a few years? I can assure you that if you present a long term plan on how to help control costs to a business, price this year is not as important. I feel that too many brokers have gotten “lazy” over the years. Spread sheets have made it easy to find lowest price. Let’s take a step back and do what we were taught early in our careers, let’s go back to selling and educating. If you agree and want to write business, send me an email. I am willing to give you some ideas that will garner you new business. Most of you realize that I don’t sell any more but once in a while, a broker will ask for assistance. I was asked a few weeks ago to assist and I took a different approach. I didn’t talk price, but rather, talked about a longer term approach on cost controls for the company. Even with a 10% higher initial premium, the company went with our suggestion. Why should a company pay a higher premium, maybe to pay much lower costs in the future. If you are interested in learning about this type of selling, be one of the first 10 to send me an email. Now get out there and let’s show the American public that we are worth every dollar they spend. If all they need is a spreadsheet, then maybe the exchanges are the right answer. if you don’t agree, make a difference and educate your clients.