It is with great pleasure that I announce the addition of two new services that are now available to our valued brokers. The first is OCI Administrators, a full service TPA, to assist brokers when a fully insured product doesn’t work for their client. OCI Administrators will be able to help our brokers find the right solution to assist their clients in controlling health care costs. We have asked Tom Evans to lead this new entity and we are very excited to have Tom’s vast knowledge and expertise at the helm. Most people in the industry are familiar with Tom Evans and his commitment to the brokerage community. Please welcome Tom and feel free to give him a call with any of your questions. Working closely with Tom will be Todd Drapal. Todd has been instrumental in developing a new pharmacy program that will in exclusive to our brokers and will save clients significant dollars as well as being completely transparent. Rounding out the team is Jessica Ingram. Most of you will know her voice as she has been working at the front desk of OCI. She will be assisting with the day to day operations and answering questions from employees and employers about claims and coverages. Now is the time to start looking for those larger cases that you have relationships with. By using OCI Administrators, you will have the premier TPA with new ideas and lowest costs overall. Start today in using this new service. The other new entity is OCI Solutions. Solutions will be able to provide products such as Life, Disability, and Long Term Care with the caveat that only those brokers who do not have access to these products through their primary carriers. Please understand that captive agents and brokers would be hurting themselves by going outside their contracts and we would be doing them a huge disservice. Use your primary carrier when you can, use OCI Solutions when you have to go outside to solve a problem. With numerous carriers, we will help you find the right answer for your clients needs in Long Term Care, Disability, and or Life insurance. As always, we will pay full street commissions on these products and provide you with the same level of service you have come to expect from your friends at OCI. Richard Lipprand will be working with Deb Olson in this new subsidiary. Deb has spent the last ten years working with brokers throughout Nebraska. With her background with Mutual of Omaha, she will be able to provide licensing, appointment, as well as knowing which product might be best to use. Richard will have the more in depth knowledge for those complicated cases such as Buy-Sell, Business continuation, and harder to place contracts. Feel free to “rent” his knowledge to help you write bigger cases. He will be willing to put together presentations as well as actually present to your client. Take advantage of this team to find new opportunities you may have walked by in the past. These are exciting times here at OCI. We have listened to our customers (you our brokers) who have asked for assistance in these two areas, and now they are realities. Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen and thanks to you, our valued brokers, for allowing us to continue to grow.