Well, it’s official. Our government has finally decided that the will of the people is not important and that they, the elite, know better than the populace. The house of representatives (purposely left in non capitalization) caved in like I feared, to the socialist agenda that has taken over in Washington. No longer does freedom allow Americans to choose what to buy and from whom. The takeover of 17% of our economy will sooner or later lead to a single payer health plan which is the ultimate desire of many. When government has grown to such a point that the voice of the people is muffled, it is time for a change. This November is the starting point as far as I am concerned to begin to regain control of this elitist group of individuals. Let’s begin a campaign to add the slogan, “Remember in November” to all of our correspondence and see if we can make a difference. Just like the phrase “Rock the vote” and “Change we can believe in”, let’s make it known that our representatives better start listening. I personally don’t care which side of the aisle they are from, they need to wake up and realize that we, the American People, will not be bullied around. If this was good legislation, why did the house need to immediately make changes to it? Why not require the changes prior to taking the vote? I will tell you why, it didn’t fit the political needs of the majority. With the exception of one or two, why wasn’t the minority screaming from the mountain tops that this was destroying our country. The debt alone will be destructive, but some of the games that were played are even more alarming. Promises were made behind closed doors to garner the votes necessary, and we may not ever get to know what some of these deals cost. Now we have to amend the original bill, which means more wheeling and dealing. Maybe our “esteemed” Senator Nelson can work some other type of Nebraska Kickback to get his vote. Maybe this time he can ask for cash for the middle class as we are the ones who are being most hurt by this new entitlement. Will you join me in making sure that everyone understands that you can only push Americans so far before they bristle up? Now is the time to make sure our voices are heard and let’s keep those voices going until we have replaced all the elitist politicians. Let’s get back to “We the people” and away from “I and Me” which seems to be popular with certain politicos. Start using the phrase REMEMBER IN NOVEMBER