Sometimes when you are too close to something, you don’t see it correctly. I have over the last week or two, moved back and realized that there are many people who have no idea who OCI is and what it is exactly that we do. I have always assumed that everyone knew OCI was a wholesaler and that we don’t sell directly to the client. We work with professional brokers and agents and provide back room support to assist them in their operations. We do sometimes work with agents in the field when they don’t feel comfortable explaining things on their own. This leads to confusion since our account executive meets directly with the client. But the main point, we only assist an agent with their own clientele and never do we market directly. We serve as the General Agent with numerous carriers and by doing so; we actually lower the cost of distribution. Think of it in this manner. If I am a carrier and want to distribute product, I will have to hire a person to go out and market to brokers and try to convince them to sell my product. Of course, the broker knows that the person is trying to sell that carrier whether it is the best answer for the client or not. The cost of hiring is high especially when you consider the other benefits that go along with the wages. Now on the other hand, the carrier can use the general agency system to market their products to the broker community along with other carriers and none have to actually hire employees. The other benefit to the carrier is the fact that when we suggest a broker sell a certain plan, since we have access to any plan, the broker will usually take our advice. This leads to a much more efficient method of delivery with lower costs. For the broker, it is also a very efficient model as they now have one place to go when looking for product. By using OCI, they can locate the most appropriate policy for their client in one place. Much like the “exchange” that the government is saying is so necessary; OCI has been doing this for years. OCI also provides education and back room support for the broker/agent, so they can do what they do best; maintain the relationship and prospect for new opportunities. They can be assured that OCI has scoped out the market to find the best solution for their clients with out the broker having to hire on additional staff. Keeping their costs for their operation down. OCI also helps protect the broker from unprofessional agents stealing business by quoting different information with carriers. Because we have access to most every carrier, the client can be assured that their current broker can solve their needs. The only reason that a client needs to change is if they no longer feel they are getting the service from the current broker, not that they are able to get better rates by changing brokers. With our new related companies, OCI Administrators, TransScripts Rx, and OCI Solutions, we want to be able to assist all professional agents grow and prosper no matter what happens with health care reform. You truly are the only reason we have grown to where we are today. Thanks for all you do. By the way, the most often asked question I get is “What does OCI stand for?” I am going to let you in on a little secret. OCI stands for ………………………………………………………….