Some one suggested that OCI stands for Obama Care Incorporated and in some ways; it is probably closer than any other guess. With the changes that we will see and the ultimate goal of many, how far off is a single payer system. In fact, much of what I have seen in the bill makes me think that was the intention from the beginning. Why else would you do some of the things that make absolutely no sense in the real world? For example, requiring people to be uninsured for six months in order to go onto the guaranteed plan through the federal government. Does it really make any sense to tell people that if they go uninsured, they will be financially better off than carrying constant coverage? By the way, these are the very people who are taxing our health care system today. They have some sort of existing or pre existing condition that keeps them from getting affordable coverage currently. Now they are encouraged to drop any coverage and wait six months so they can get lower costs. Wow, that just really seems like a bad deal. Other items in the bill are just as foolish. We are encouraging young people to stay under their parents plans until age 26 even if they are married. When do we let our children lead their own lives? I was taught that once I got married, that pretty much meant that I was possibly going to be responsible for my own children. Since I got married at 19 and my wife was 18, does that mean I could have stayed on my parents plan while we had all three of our children. And since those children were dependents, would they have been allowed to go under my plan which was still under my parents. Wow, that also just seems like a bad idea. Or how about the fact that we want to encourage wellness in the plans but will not allow you to treat any one negatively. I guess if we just ask nicely, everyone will jump on getting well. My thoughts would be by rewarding people or heaven forbid, punishing people; we might get much better compliance. But either one of those would be negative to someone. So instead, we will just assume that people will care about wellness. That pretty much works today doesn’t it? I just noticed a very obese person who was smoking a cigarette, carrying an oxygen tank, walking into the Runza next door. I am pretty sure they will jump on the notion to work on wellness. Wow, another bad mistake in that assumption. Probably the only good thing I saw is the fact that the bill was so poorly written that somehow the congress and their staff have to go uninsured until the new exchanges are up and running. Now I am sure they will amend the law to take care of this problem but my question is, why not change the entire bill to clean up their messes at the same time. Wow, what a novel idea? Or how about the entire bill is thrown out and they start over with true health care reform that does what the American public wants and starts to control some of the costs associated with their own personal health care. Enough ranting, how about a couple bits of good news. The Nebraska State Conference is coming up in a couple of weeks at the Embassy Suites in La Vista. I hope you are planning on attending and have pre registered. OCI will be entertaining some of our brokers on Wednesday before the event. If you want to attend, give me a call and I will try to get you on the list. If you can’t attend Wednesday evening, how about a round of golf on Friday afternoon? If you can’t make either of those events, but are coming to the conference, let me know if you would like to play golf at Dismal. I might just be able to make that happen. Of course, you may have to let me tag along. Have a great week and let me know if you see other glaring mistakes with the legislation and I will discuss in a future blog.