Well, the primary election was Tuesday the 11th and according to early data, 15% of the electorate actually voted. With everyone yelling and screaming about the problems with our government and the “takeover” of healthcare, only 15% of the people wanted their voices heard. Oh, I know, it was just the primary and one vote really doesn’t mean anything. Oh, the weather wasn’t good and I was real busy. Oh, I will vote when it really means something. These excuses are all bull….. It does mean something every time we get the chance to vote. It means the people who have died protecting our rights gave their lives for a bigger purpose. It means that we really do care what the rest of the world thinks of our fragile democracy. It sends a message to our elected officials that they work for us and need to listen. It sends a message to ourselves that we have an inherit value and what we think has consequences. Maybe you don’t want to go out and demonstrate, or go knock on doors, and you sure don’t want to run for office yourself, but this is a chance to make a difference and if you didn’t vote, well, shame on you. By not voting, you give up your right to complain. By not voting, you give the 15% who did vote the RIGHT to govern you. They have the right to tell you what to do and you have no recourse. You want to talk about slavery, by not voting, you are pretty much allowing the same thing to happen to you. It is only by being involved and voting that you can change what the future might bring. You know why we are in the situation we are in, it is because of the apathy that people exhibit. What should an elected official do when he or she knows that all they have to do is convince 15% of the people that they are the best choice? We don’t get the absolute best candidates, what we get is someone who can convince 8% of the people that they are a better choice than the other candidate. Remember, 15% vote and the candidate only needs more than the other candidate. I would love to know how many of you actually took the time to cast a vote. Feel free to respond to this blog and leave a note as to your views on this matter. If you voted, thanks for letting your voice be heard. If you didn’t vote, you have no rights to have your voice heard. REMEMBER IN NOVEMBER!!!