If you think that the summer has gone fast, you should see how fast the mid term elections are coming. As of today, August 30, we have only 64 days before we get a chance to voice our displeasure with those in control of our dollars. November 2nd is coming quickly and I hope that everyone is doing what they can to make sure their voices are being heard. Now is the time to contact every single person you know and inform them how important it is to get involved. A very small minority is trying to take control of every aspect of your lives and it is too easily dismissed. Our state is very blessed with mostly good legislators but they still need to be reminded of who they work for. But more importantly, if you have friends, relatives, or acquaintances who live in other states, tell them they need to step to the plate and make a difference with their representatives. If a loud enough voice is raised, and believe it or not, a vote is a voice, we will see a different tone coming out of Washington. Our current administration will begin campaigning right after this mid term elections and if they want a second term, they need to change how they are directing things. But even in our own home state, and even in Omaha, word needs to get out that taxing the populace is not the answer. I can’t understand that our leadership thinks that raising taxes during an economic down turn is a good idea. I wish that our company could just raise our revenue at any time we want to. In fact, it is just the opposite. During a down turn in the economy, our revenues are decreased to the point where our only option is to cut costs and cut them dramatically. I truly think that when you get elected to an office, someone kidnaps the newly elected and removes that part of the brain that has common sense in it. They are then programmed to think that they are all knowing and the answer to all problems is more taxation and less representation. Didn’t we fight a war because the government at the time felt it could raise revenue by charging higher taxes and not having to listen to the masses? Our founding fathers knew this would happen and if you were to read any of their writings, you would be amazed on how insightful they were. It seems that all great civilizations have fallen because a few thought they knew more than the collective mind of the populace. When people start to think of the government dollar as being something other than what it is, our own money, we have a problem. When less than half of the population is giving (paying taxes), and more than half is taking (entitlements), a disaster is on the horizon. Now is the time to be heard. You have 64 days to do what needs to be done. Get involved, write letters, make phone calls, donate to your candidates, or at least take the time to educate those around you. If not you, then who, if not now, then when, and if not in your sphere of influence, then where. Tomorrow is coming fast and will only leave 63 days. Don’t delay, start today.