This Saturday is an opportunity for true husker fans to show their colors. My hope is that Nebraskans show Texas and the rest of the nation that you can be supportive of your team and yet be respectful to the fans of other teams. It is always amazing to me when fans become so emotional that they forget that the game is played on the field by a group of young men. It does not do any good to disparage these young men with classless acts or to act rude to the fans that might travel with the team. Let the game be played by those who choose to be on the field. That doesn’t mean that you can’t support your team, contrary to that. Wear RED, make noise when Texas is on offense, cheer for great play, but do it in a manner that shows class. I hear all the time how when people travel with Nebraska, the fans from some of the opponents treat them horribly. Don’t let that be how people remember Lincoln. Welcome the Texas fans, thank them for supporting their players, and wish them luck next year with the Big Twelve. Take the higher road and leave the impression that Nebraska has been known for, class. Enjoy the game this weekend and feel free to cheer for the Hawkeyes also.

By the way, if you haven’t been to a Nighthawks game yet in Omaha, there is one on the 28th and I might be able to find a ticket or two if you want to go. First come, first go. Visit our tailgate before the game. Details will follow.