Well, it’s now 2011 and we have a couple of years to build something that has never been built before. The Nebraska Exchange has to be built and ready to go by 2014 (unless of course, things change), and no one knows exactly how it looks. It is much like putting together the latest toy the kids got for Christmas but without the instructions and more than a few pieces missing. Everyone has an opinion on how it should look and operate and yet no one can actually pattern it off of anything. The way I envision it will be completely different from how a health provider might see it and yet a carrier will see it in another light. The one thing that everyone agrees on, it will take a lot of work and much compromise to make it work efficiently. The exchange has to be financially stable and able to cover its own costs. The exchange has to make sure it covers all of the regulations that the health reform bill has placed on it and all the while, be able to adapt to changes that are sure to occur with legislation. How do we pay for this new entity and yet drive costs of health care down? Does the exchange have the ability to levy costs on the very consumers that we, the government, are providing funds to in the way of subsidies? Does the exchange serve the role of consumer advocate when problems arise? How is a navigator monitored to insure that they are knowledgeable and giving good advice? Many of these duties today rest with the professional insurance agent. The agent serves as exchange by looking at all the different options for the consumer and determining which plan is best suited for the client. When a problem arises, the agent takes on the role of consumer advocate and makes sure the problem is resolved. If a claim is incurred, the agent also assists the consumer in making sure it is handled correctly by the carrier as well as the provider. Maybe the best way to insure the success of the exchange is to make sure the agent is left in the delivery system. A professional agent does not become a cost but rather a valuable asset in the purchase of health insurance. Whether a consumer purchases inside or outside of the exchange, the professional agent should be allowed to assist and be compensated for their knowledge. This will insure that everyone is treated equally when purchasing their coverage