It finally hit me this morning that fighting Obamacare is futile. Just stop and think about all the things we won’t have to worry about in the future. We won’t be asked for funds to help pay for cancer, Aids, Muscular Dystrophy, or any of the other diseases that strike humans. We won’t have to deal with disorganized billing systems from providers or try to straighten out credit reports because of discrepancies caused by wrong diagnostic codes from doctor’s offices. Costs will go down because, wait, maybe that is stretching things a little too much. You will get way better care because the doctor will have more time to work with each patient, oh wait, sorry, meant to say less time and more mistakes. Mistakes in health care equal big dollars. Back to positives, all costs will decrease because everyone will have to carry insurance. Wait, again not quite true. Illegal aliens will not have to carry coverage. So will that mean that when they are brought to the hospital in an emergency situation, they will not be accepted and left to die in the waiting room? If not, they will continue to add to the overall cost of healthcare and that in no way will lower costs. So I am sure that all illegal aliens will have to be added to the insured ranks but by the fact that they are illegal, will not be able to purchase coverage through the exchanges. But back to the positives, we will no longer need to have special coverage for veterans, Native Americans, and Medicaid plans. Special clinics like the one they are building in the old stockyards, that cater to low income will become a thing of the past as each American will be able to use the best doctors and clinics rather than being delegated to use a “free clinic”. It may be a good idea to stop all new projects like the one in South Omaha since they will be obsolete in a couple of years. Just think, your doctor, who you feel is the best in the business, will now be able to see any and every American just like you do today. Thank goodness that no one will be able to receive better care than someone else. It is nice that every American can decide to use the Mayo Clinic any time they want. If I want a procedure done, I can choose to use only the best facility and not be hampered by the mean insurance company. If I choose to live an unhealthy or risky lifestyle, so what, my rates are the same as everyone else. In fact, to get my money’s worth, maybe I will take up smoking and risky behaviors. And all of this will come with lower costs and I won’t have to give up the health plan that I currently have. I just have to wonder if this all will happen at the same time that small primates travel through the air from a small bodily orifice.  Time to get real about what is happening and ask questions.