Tuesday evening I attended the Department of Insurance town hall meeting held in Omaha concerning the establishment of the Nebraska Exchange as required by PPACA. I was extremely surprised by the lack of attendance from those who are most likely to be harmed by the exchange being set up incorrectly. I have come to the conclusion that most agents/brokers really have no concern as to the outcome. I can count on my hand the number of agents/brokers who were there and since there are hundreds that live in the Omaha area, it leads me to believe that this must be a non issue. Either these individuals don’t understand the seriousness of the situation or they have made the ultimate decision to leave the marketplace. I have been under the assumption that when it started to affect their bank accounts, agents/brokers would stand with one voice and inform the leaders of our state that the agent serves a valuable part in the delivery of health insurance. Instead, what I saw, was a lack of concern. The best voice for our industry came from a gentleman who introduced himself as an accountant-CPA. He stated the need to have agents be part of the solution inside or outside the exchange. His words were well spoken and very powerful. Too bad our industry wasn’t there to hear them. Are we truly so ashamed of what we do that we won’t even take the time to save ourselves? Numerous people talked of the value of agents, but it’s funny, their agents weren’t there. I know, everyone has other commitments and you can’t be everywhere at once, but this is your future ability to keep your personal practice alive. What is so much more important than that? I know that there was a NAHU meeting on Tuesday at which there were over a hundred participants. Was it because some CE was given? Was it because of a free lunch? The event last evening was truly an opportunity to change the future of health insurance in the state of Nebraska and we as an industry failed to show up. What am I missing? Why am I spending so much of my time fighting for the sake of agents/brokers when they don’t seem to be concerned themselves? I would love some input as to what the reasons for the apathy.