After spending the last 23 years working in the insurance industry, it seems to me that many of my peers tend to rely on experience as their value asset. I would like to challenge that assertion with a quote from J. Paul Getty, “In times of rapid change, experience could be your worst enemy.” This especially comes to light as the insurance industry goes through a period of rapid and radical changes. Just because you have run your business in a certain fashion in the past, does not guarantee you success in the future. As carriers, clients, and legislators make decisions, each of us has to adapt and change quickly. For some, it will be to conform to those decisions. For others, it will be to look for opportunities that didn’t exist in the past. The only constant for all is to become more efficient and use resources wisely. The days of working with one or two clients without the use of technology are probably in the past. The future broker will have to expand their business or close the doors. Expansion may come in the form of adding additional clients to their mix or it may come as adding new products or services. Keeping your mind open for these new opportunities and seizing them early is the only way to survive and thrive in the coming years. Too many in the industry are sitting back on their past experiences and hoping to “ride out” the last few years of their careers. There is an old adage that goes something like “If you are not growing, you are in the process of dying.” Do you really want to be a spectator to all that is happening in the industry? If you have spent your career in this wonderful industry, why would you now step aside and watch? With your experience, knowledge, and connections you have never been more in demand. Yes, change will be necessary. It might even require some training and hard work, but just think of the excitement of taking your career to a brand new level. I often get a chance to work with new young brokers. It is exciting to listen to them as they begin their careers. All they see is the opportunities and they enter the industry with high hopes and optimistic goals. We all started our professional career with these same ideals but for some, those were lost. Some at the very beginning, and they leave the business. For others, it takes a few years before they too leave the industry. But for those who remain and tough it out, it becomes the most rewarding and financially profitable careers available. So why would you become complacent now when opportunity is again knocking on the door. Take in a new agent, work with another broker, look for the newest trend or product and put 100% effort into it. Don’t sit around and complain because your commissions have been cut. I didn’t hear any complaints when medical inflation was increasing at 30% which in turn increase your commissions by the same amount.  Put back on your rose colored glasses and see the opportunities that you can open up. If you can’t do that, it may be best for you to sell your business and either get into another line of business or pick out your room at a senior center. The future belongs to those who desire to improve.