They always say “The Devil is in the Details”. As we can start to see now that PPACA is being implemented, that unintended powers are being given. The HHS and the Obama administration have trampled one of the basic ideals of our constitution. Separation of Church and State has been preached on everything from Prayer in Schools to not allowing the Ten Commandments from being displayed in Courthouses. But now, because of health care reform, the Catholic Church is being attacked straight up for its belief on condemning contraception. This should enrage those of us that hold fast to the belief that the State has no right to force a religion to adhere to the State’s beliefs. Why does the State feel it necessary to dictate to Catholic entities what they must provide? Of all the things that the Catholic Church fights against, abortion is right at the top of the list. Do you realize, that because of PPACA, and the new rule the Obama administration has made, that the abortion pill (aka morning after pill) must be provided to employees of these institutions. Also, sterilization must now be covered through the insurance companies that provide coverage for these institutions. My question is how long before the State decides it must coverage abortion itself? I personally am outraged at this decision and have written to our legislators. I really don’t care if you are Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim, or whatever, if you allow the State to infringe on one religion, you are opening the door for them to harm others. By allowing one religion to be attacked, in a way, all religions are being attacked.

Whether you believe in contraception or not, you have to admit that forcing these institutions to provide coverage for something they find morally offensive is wrong. If an employee feels that they need this type of coverage, they probably don’t need to be part of the religious organization they represent. We all sin but I don’t ask someone to provide me coverage for my sins. It is time to wake up and realize that this administration is out of control and is making decisions that are destroying our constitution. I don’t feel the details are where the devil is but rather in the real world.