No matter what the Supreme Court decides, will you continue to be in business? I have been talking with many brokers from around the country and am really surprised on what I am hearing. Many brokers have taken the approach that if PPACA remains in place; they feel they will be out of business. I on the other hand, look at whatever happens as being beneficial to agents. If the law remains intact, people will need even more information about what is best for them. If it is thrown out, obviously people will need advice as to what is best for them. Do you see any similarities between the two options? Correct, people will need advice. Nowhere in the mix did I mention that people will be looking for the least expensive coverage. If that is all they need, they can go on line to one of the quoting websites and purchase coverage. If per chance, the bill is left intact, I believe that our livelihood is improved dramatically. Why is that you may ask? Well, unless I am incorrect, most every single American will get a subsidy to purchase health insurance. That means they will have disposable income that was previously being used to purchase health insurance that can now be used to purchase other insurance needs like life or disability insurance, critical illness insurance, or a host of other products. And since the health insurance will be so confusing, they will need assistance in determining how to protect their financial nest.

Now, personally after having read the transcripts of the first two days of hearings, it looks like PPAC A is going to be at least altered greatly if not completely dismantled. As an American, I hope this is the case. Our country cannot afford this type of social program even if it would help insurance agents earn more income. To require Americans to purchase a product to pay for a service makes an absolute mockery of our Constitution. In reading the questions of the court justices, I feel the consensus is overwhelming against this mandate. Will they allow the rest of the bill to stand, it is still an unknown but I think the justices know that it would be detrimental to the private insurance industry if that were to happen. Yes, there are those on the Court who want to have the insurance industry destroyed so that we can bring about a single payer system and that could easily be the outcome if entire bill is not ruled unconstitutional. If that were to happen, a single payer system, we might as well realize that our country is no longer a republic ruled by its citizens but rather a socialistic society ruled by the few. How is that working for Europe these days?