For those who were not aware, there has been a major change at OCI. As of July 1st, Rob Collins has decided to retire and will have no ownership in OCI. Many of you know that Rob and I started the company in 2002. Prior to that time, we had both been associated with Mutual of Omaha as career agents. What many might not know is that even before that time, Rob and I worked together at Mangelsenโ€™s. We met in 1986 when he and I both worked at the 84thย street store in different capacities. That means I have known and worked with Rob for nearly half my lifetime. Rob is a close friend and this change will not alter that in any respect.

For OCI, Robโ€™s retirement will mean some changes in job duties for each of us in the office. To our brokers, there should be very little in the way of disruptions. We started the process many months ago and feel the transition will go very smoothly. Our Account Representatives will continue to be the first point of contact for our brokers in finding the appropriate solutions for their needs. I will be available to answer questions as before as well as work closely with our carrier partners. As time progresses, other minor changes will be implemented with the overall goal of providing the most efficient office possible.

I wish Rob nothing but success in his new endeavors. He will always be remembered for his contributions to OCI and its initial growth. As he returns to his private practice, I am sure he will find success and do great. I will also mention that as of July 1st, Rob will not have access to any of OCI systems, information or data. He will be treated the same as any other broker who works with OCI. His separation is total and complete.

I want to assure everyone that I would not have taken this approach if I wasnโ€™t absolutely positive that the future is bright for our industry. We will continue to grow and assist our brokers in achieving the goals they have and continue to have fun as we do so. Thanks to each and every broker who works with us.

If you have any questions on this change, feel free to give me a call.