Well, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. We sent out information about this new opportunity and I have been very surprised with the amount of response that we have had. The brokers I have had the chance to actually have breakfast with are interesting and deeply concerned as to where the business is headed. No, what has prompted my blog is the fact that our office has gotten a couple of calls from Boys town Café wanted to know who approved these breakfasts with Chuck. See, some of you have just taken the certificate in to the café and asked to have a free meal. Really, those of you that did this, did you not bother to read the emails? Part of the deal was I needed to be there, hence the Chat with Chuck. Wow, now I am starting to understand why the government decided they needed to step in and handle health insurance. These individuals who took these certificates in (apparently more than one) are probably the same ones who feel they should get paid for doing very little or nothing at all. We are better than that aren’t we? Actually, I don’t think it is too much to ask that you at least have me there for the meal. Heck, you don’t even have to talk or listen to me but just be seen. I will say on the other hand, it truly made me laugh that someone took a piece of paper in thinking we would just buy their breakfast. In fact, I   don’t know that I have laughed so hard in a very long time. We will continue to have Chat with Chuck, but you have to chat with Chuck to get the breakfast. By the way, if you set up a chat, really would appreciate you showing up. I look really lonely when I am there by myself. The other part of that is the fact that we have had an overwhelming response and just like you, my time is valuable and to set an appointment and not keep it is the height of unprofessionalism.

Now some other things that really have come from my Chats. It seems there is a need for OCI to do some educational meetings for our brokers. Many of the conversations I am having lately revolve around what we think the future of our industry might be. With this in mind, I think it necessary to have a broker seminar where we can present our thoughts, introduce some new products and services, and answer any questions you might have. Look for invitations to be in your email. We will be limiting this event to selected brokers and our valued partners. You will find that OCI will be choosing those brokers and partners a little more selectively going forward. As the carriers start to narrow their distribution, OCI will also be doing likewise. Those brokers and partners who are helping us grow the most will be the ones we spend the majority of our resources on. That doesn’t mean you have to be a top producer but I would suggest that you consider putting your business through our General Agency rather than going elsewhere. If you help us grow, we will help you grow your practice. Hope that sounds like a good deal to you.

Looks like we had three brokers make the trip to Hawaii and I look forward to entertaining them on the big island in mid march. Right now, 80 degree weather doesn’t sound bad and with everything we will be doing, each of you should be joining us. We will be announcing our next incentive trip in the weeks to come but suffice it to say, you will need a passport but you won’t need much green. Hope you will decide to join us and February production will count towards 2013 production. Get out there and see the people, don’t wait for them to come to you. Have a great week.