Anyone who watched the super bowl last weekend will attest to the fact that momentum is everything. In fact, if you are a fan of college sports, there is no denying how momentum will affect a game. As for the super bowl, in case you were one of the 12 people who didn’t watch it, the Ravens came out of the gate and took control of the game. Not only did they build a good lead by halftime, but they were controlling all aspects on both sides of the line. They came out of the locker room for the third quarter and immediately regained the upper hand with a 109 yard kickoff return and it seemed that the game was going to get out of hand. The Ravens even had the forty-niners held to a third down and long yardage and it was looking like they would get the ball back right away. Then the lights went out. The game was stopped and each team had a chance to settle down. The momentum was lost. When the lights came back on thirty minutes later, the Forty-niners, still with third and long, not only converted for a first down but ended up scoring quickly. Then, with the momentum now on their side, they held and scored again and again. In fact, it now looked like they would win the game that at one point was nearly out of reach. They ended up losing but it made for an exciting game. I wonder how exciting it would have been if the lights had not gone out.

So what does this have to do with your insurance practice? I would suggest that momentum either works for you or against you in your day to day activities. Have you ever noticed there are times where everything goes your way? It seems like everyone wants to do business and your presentations hit right on the mark every time. At other times, the reverse seems to be the case. No matter what you do, things seem to go from bad to worse. Momentum is everything. I have seen it at OCI over the past ten years. Up till 2010, OCI was absolutely going gangbusters and it seemed that we could offer new and exciting services and products to our brokers. Then, because of reasons that most of you understand, we lost our momentum and all of a sudden, we couldn’t continue to do the things we had been doing. We were put on the defense and much like the flood around that time; we had to “sand bag” the company to keep it from flooding out. Then something happened. My guess is the lights came on and we started to feel the momentum again. Over the last year, I have felt for the first time in a while that we are moving strongly towards regaining all of the momentum that we had experienced in our earlier years. Thanks to our loyal partners, both brokers and carriers, we now can look to the future and grow like we have never done in the past. Our ability to help brokers gain their own momentum and prepare for the effects of the Affordable Care Act is exciting. OCI feels that we see where the future is going and our business partners will be rewarded. At the same time, those who weren’t there to support us and in fact, maybe worked against us will have to build their own momentum. OCI will be providing education, products and new services that will elevate our partners to levels they have only considered in their dreams. We see the future and once seen, you can achieve. Just as in the games we play, if momentum is on your side, you can’t lose. Get involved in some of the OCI mojo.