Okay, I agree that this doesn’t have anything to do with health insurance or our company, but I am so disappointed to see our National Banner lowered what seems like every day. I was born to respect the Flag of the United States as a symbol of our greatness and as a reminder of those who died so it could remain the symbol of freedom. But now, it seems, we must lower it any time there is anything tragic that happens. Don’t get me wrong, the events in Boston were horrible and those responsible are being dealt with, but do we really need to lower the Country’s Flag? Every single day of the year, something tragic happens. Here in Omaha, we have over 40 murders each year and not one of them is less tragic than the ones that happened in Boston. In Chicago, nearly ten people each week are murdered so why don’t we just keep our Flag lowered to remember these tragedies. The Flag used to be lowered only for those events such as death of a President or other national figure. Now we are lowering it whenever some idiot or terrorist decides to harm others. This only seems to accentuate the person’s act and lower the actual respect that a Half Staff should signify. Maybe the answer is to just leave the Flag at the lowered position as I think there are those who don’t think the United States should consider itself the world leader that it is. If someone attacks our country, the last thing I think we should do is lower the Flag and give them any indication that they have accomplished anything. The Flag is a symbol and by lowering it so often, I feel it is indicative of how many people feel about our country. That we shouldn’t be proud and we should bow to others.

Alright, got that off my back and I can go back to pertinent issues surrounding the industry. Thanks for letting me rant.