Well, the first six months of 2013 are behind us and we are less than six months from the full implementation of the Affordable Care Act. It is very interesting to me that just a couple of years ago, many in our industry through up their hands and declared that our industry was doomed. These doomsayers were sure that commissions would go away, brokers and agents would no longer be needed, and we might as well find new employment. What we are seeing instead is the opportunities for brokers and agents to make more money. The need for information about options for the general public has never been higher and those professionals who are prepared will not only survive but will thrive in this new world. We are already experiencing these exciting trends and for OCI, we have just had the best six months in our ten year history. And we know that many of our brokers are also experiencing their strongest year to date results. I thought it would be great to recognize our top brokers/agencies and thank them for their efforts. The OCI top 12 are as follows;

#1  Garvey & Associates

#2  Zimmer Insurance Group

#3  Northeast Nebraska Insurance

#4  Broker Network Solutions

#5  Peter Stehr Insurance Services

#6 Collins Benefit Solutions

#7 Midwest Regional

#8 Lisa Setlak

# 9 Integrity Insurance & Financial Services

#10 Mark Prince

#11 Chastain Insurance Agency

#12 Insurance Associates

Thanks to the efforts and loyalty of these professionals, OCI continues to grow and offer new products and services to our partners. These brokers represent the top ½ of 1% our total representation and we salute them for their hard work. I encourage each of our brokers to work their way into the top echelon with OCI. The next 12 are easily within reach of being on this list. Remember, the next six months will bring many new opportunities and my hope is you are ready to accept and take advantage of these times.

I also wanted to update the Ireland trip and the leaders with BCBS production. On the individual side, the top three are:

#1  Jertson

#2  Wojtkiewicz

#3 Shada

It is still anyone’s trip to win. With open enrollment coming up starting October 1st, we could see a big swing in the rankings.

On the small group side, the numbers are extremely tight. In fact, the race is tighter on the group side than on the individual with one or two certs being the difference. Unbelievable that after six months, one or two certs is all the difference there is. The leaders are:

#1 Collins Benefit Solutions

#2 Insurevest

#3 Nancy Koenig

#4 Peter Stehr Insurance Services

Have a great rest of the year and we look forward to all of you joining us as we tour the Emerald Isle.