Well, I am back to an old quandary. Should we, OCI, only work with select agents and brokers? As the markets continue to change and our costs increase, does it make sense to limit the products and services we provide? As we continue to bring new products and services to our brokers, is it time to tell some that we will no longer work with them. Especially those who tend to use our staff and resources and then place business elsewhere. It has always been my way of doing business that you take care of those who take care of you. What we are finding more often is agents and brokers who come to us for help, or depend on us for information, but then use other outlets to place the actual business. It is truly the case where we do the work and have no chance of earning any income. Not only do I disagree to this type of business practice, but in some ways, these individuals are stealing from the brokers and agents who are strong partners of OCI. The time it takes our staff to handle these individuals is time taken away from others. The costs are dollars that could be used to help our partners grow their businesses or they could provide new services to our valued partners. So I want to ask your thoughts. Do you feel we should put requirements on our partners? Should they be based on volume or on percentage of business? Should we consider having different levels of service? Perhaps we charge a fee to those under certain production levels? I would really appreciate your input. For those who respond, I will take care of you with breakfast or lunch, or maybe a good bottle of wine, or even inviting you onto our new broker council (which I am telling you, you will want to be a member of). Your response can be left here on the blog or feel free to send a note to me personally at my email chuck@ociservices.com 

I would also like to congratulate one of our valued partners. Mark Prince is being honored with the Midland University Alumni Award for 2013. Mark is very deserving of this award and it is my honor to consider him a true friend. Mark has also been a loyal partner of OCI and I encourage you to congratulate him on his recognition.

Last item, there is still plenty of time to join us on our trip to Ireland. Ask your AE to provide you with details.