Wow, as of today 115 people have read my prior blog and many of you sent me your thoughts. I really appreciate your insights and in most every case, your kind words about our staff and our services. It is very apparent that those who took the time to respond are truly our loyal partners. Not one single person who responded is the type of broker I was referring to in my blog. Thanks again for your continued business and support.

On a new note, with open enrollment now in full swing, I am sure many are swamped with business. The point I would encourage you to remember is that during this time of turmoil, you can build a long term practice if you take time to do things correctly. Now is the time to lay a strong foundation for your practice. If you are not sure what I am referring to, shoot me an email or give me a call to discuss. How serious am I about this? Serious enough to take a chance on helping you grow your practice, for a fee. How much will your practice grow? Well that will depend on your willingness to follow the blueprint we develop and your willingness to succeed. Your commitment would be a few hours initially and then at least one hour each month. One on one coaching comes with a price but my commitment to you is that your practice grows by more than the cost of the program. So, you do the math. How much do you want your practice to grow by? Logistically, this program is limited and final selection of producers will be selected by me. If you have any interest, I would suggest you respond quickly. Please send me an email explaining your reasons for wanting to be in the program. I will respond to applicants to obtain additional details.