Well, you may or may not know that I have agreed to have my name placed in nomination as a National Trustee for our professional organization NAIFA (National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors). Since doing so, I have been asked numerous times as to why and what I hope to achieve by becoming a Trustee. The reason I have decided to step forward has to do with something I have always believed in. You can sit back and complain or you can step up and help solve the problem. When I found out that we were looking at a non-contested election, I was irritated that in our 50 states, we didn’t have more than five qualified individuals who would help direct the largest association of insurance professionals and protect our industry. Of course, I hadn’t been willing to serve at the national level but somehow felt that others should. After some soul searching, talking with my wife Deb, and discussion with our board, I decided that I would put forth my name and stop complaining about the unwillingness of others. I believe that my background and experience will not only be helpful to the association but because of my knowledge in health insurance, I can bring a unique perspective to the board. My candidacy has been received very well from our local and state associations and from what I hear, our federation. I had the chance last week to visit the Iowa state board and meet their leadership. It was great to hear what they are working on and to understand what they want from the federation. I do not take this endeavor lightly and will put forth every effort to be elected but, if for some reason it doesn’t happen, it will not be the end of the world. It will just allow me to complain with no recourse from others because I at least tried. The election is in September and will be held in San Diego. I encourage everyone to join us at the event and if you are not already a member of NAIFA, join now. For those that are members, I could really use your support and assistance in spreading the word. If you know of people in other states that are members, and you believe I am the right candidate, please encourage them to help us. If you happen to be in a career agency, talk to the carrier and see if they will endorse my efforts.

Having just returned from DC and hearing the tax law suggestions, it is absolutely necessary for professional agents to not only have a voice on their industry but more importantly, to provide a voice for all of their clients. The products and services that professional agents provide are often tax advantaged. The reason they have these advantages is because they are socially beneficial. If per chance these advantages were taken away, the Government would have to provide these services. Whether it is life insurance, disability insurance, retirement plans, health insurance, or long term care insurance, the reason they are tax advantaged is that they protect the individual from having to use government social programs. We need to prevent disruption to these products. I feel that I can articulate these issues with our elected officials. Hope you will help me get elected. Thanks