Looking at the calendar, Thanksgiving is going to be here in a week. But in reality, Thanksgiving should be on a daily basis. We forget that everything we have can be gone in the blink of an eye and in truth, is never ours to begin with. There is a well known radio host who I have listened to for years and one of his tag lines is “With talent on loan from God!” I have always thought that was one of the best lines ever uttered and yet, I rarely take the time to acknowledge that with a simple thank you. Each of us are given talents and it is up to us to use those talents to their potential and even when we do, we sometimes forget to remember where the original talents came from. Over my lifetime, many things have been provided to me. I have a wonderful wife and those who know her may question her sanity for marrying me. I have three wonderful children who in turn married three excellent people that fit perfectly and between these six, nine absolutely perfect little beings have been produced. As a father, I don’t know what else I could want. My talents have led me to find a profession that allowed me to provide for my family as well as build a business that produces enough revenue to have 35 other families also benefit. My talents have also provided a roof over my head, food on the table, and all the other necessities of life. In fact, when being perfectly honest, there is nothing that I or my family have ever wanted for. Then, why do we wait for the last Thursday in November to give thanks. We should, on a daily basis, give thanks for all the gifts we are given and the talents we have. In addition, take those talents and use them to their upmost potential. Don’t hide them in hopes of saving them, multiply them in whatever manner you can. I remember being told as a kid, “Doesn’t matter if you are a ditch digger, be the best damn ditch digger in the world.” Go out and be the best you can be and don’t forget to say thanks. To everyone reading this blog, THANKS and to the one that lent me my talents, an even bigger THANK YOU!!!