Thought I would share a poem written by my Aunt Wanda, she’s actually quite talented.


Your boundless love is amazing,
Every need we have you provide,
The bounty with which we’re surrounded,
Shows You always by are side.

Our families, our health, all provisions,
Every breath we take through each day,
Are gifts of Your grace, love and mercy,
Blessings giv’n in a bountiful way.

You hear each request that we utter,
You know every pain, sorrow and care,
Our pleas for Your promised forgiveness
Heard in our petitions and prayers.

We will joyfully tell of your bounty,
We will tell that You give what we need,
YOu want us to share what we’re given,
Not hold to ourselves out of greed.

We give thanks that You care for your children,
And that to You we always belong,
Let our joyful Thanksgiving expressions,
Be heard in our prayer, praise and song.


Thanks Wanda and everyone have a Happy Thanksgiving.