The above statement seems to be getting more and more popular. I hear it when I am talking with people about our professional association. I hear it as an excuse when someone doesn’t attend church. It is even prevalent when we provide educational seminars. I cringe when these words are spoken. First of all, why would the person expect the world to revolve around them? If you are not getting something, you should absolutely not participate? How selfish of a society have we come to be when it is all about me and what I get? I don’t get anything is just another way of saying it is all about me. When I hear those words, I like to respond with “What have you given or are willing to give?” People are usually surprised when that question is posed. Sometimes they will mention money such as dues to our association. When has money been the ultimate currency? I would challenge that the only true currency is time. It is when you give of your time that you are truly giving something up. I spend a very significant amount of time involved with our industry. What is interesting about that is I seem to get a lot from the industry. I give a tremendous amount of my time to my family and yet, I seem to get rewarded for every minute. I give a portion of my time and talents to my parish and surprise; I seem to be blessed many times over. Now, I don’t consider myself overly intelligent but there seems to be a correlation. The more time, talent, and money I give, the more I seem to get out of those endeavors. So with that knowledge, let me ask you what you are giving?

It is not enough to be a member of your professional association. You need to be involved and engaged. It is kind of the old adage about breakfast of Ham and Eggs. The chicken was involved but the pig was committed. Get committed to your industry. Same applies to church. Do you go just to get something out of it or are you going with the idea of giving? I would venture to say that the giving part is really what is expected of us. Another old adage will never do you wrong if you truly believe it. “It is better to give than to receive!” should be a motto for everyone. It dovetails perfectly with my favorite of all Zig Zigler quotes: “If you help enough other people get what they want, you will get everything you want.” Go out give of your time, talents and resources to help others. Oh, and by the way, get committed to your professional association – NAIFA.