As I look out and see all the fall colors and know the weather is cooling, I think back to the fact that this was the year I planned on getting out to golf a couple of times each week and was definitely going to slow things down some. Well, not only did my golf game suffer because of lack of use, not only did I not slow down but it seems everything sped up. Isn’t that the way things go though? When you are having fun and things are going well, time does seem to fly by. In my life, it is the great times that go by so fast and the down times that seem to drag forever. With that said; I am entering my 29th year in the insurance industry and am pretty sure that in reality, I just started. I absolutely love this industry and the life it has provided me and my family. In addition, the positive influence this career has on society as a whole shouldn’t be dismissed. Without the work of insurance professionals, many in society would be much worse off because of a death, disability, or illness. It is the work of the professional agent that has protected those families and businesses. Too many times we forget the good work we do as we get caught up in the rules, regulations and minutia that has come to symbolize insurance. It’s when we deliver a check, pay a claim or even just answer a question that people realize the value we provide. My success in the industry still surprises me every time I think about it. I was predicted to fail by the standardized tests administered before I entered. I was a very introverted person with no natural markets. I was still new to Omaha and hadn’t grown up here. And by the way, I am not a workaholic, and money is not my motivator. So, insurance sales probably was the last thing I should do. Well, in fact, insurance sales probably will be the last thing I will do. What brought me into the industry was the freedom of being my own boss. I set my own schedule and didn’t have to answer to anyone (other than my wife, Deb). I was able to go and meet with people on their terms and for the most part, never had to sell them but rather, allow them to buy what they knew they needed. People welcomed me into their homes, always offered something to drink and even a few times, offered something to eat. We would sit and talk for an hour or so and then they would sign a few papers, give me a check and become some of my best friends. Wow, why doesn’t everyone want to be in this business?

Might I suggest that we start prepping the young people in our lives to consider a career in Insurance Sales. In fact, why are there no degrees in college for insurance professionals? We teach people to become physical trainers, so why not have a degree in Financial Training or Insurance Coaching? I will tell you this, there is much more income to be derived in the insurance realm than in most any other profession and the hours are much better.

Ok, time continues to fly and I am going to try and enjoy it as much as possible. Maybe my golf game won’t improve but as long as I am having fun, I will keep doing what I am doing.