Every good athlete knows that a great coach will improve results. No matter the talent level to begin with, a coach will push towards even higher levels of achievement.

Recently, I hired a personal trainer to assist me with regular exercise. Could I have done an adequate job of training on my own? Sure, I may have found a way to fumble through. My coach on the other hand developed a plan of action and keeps me on track. Do I like the way she pushes me during workouts? Of course not, they truly wear the heck out of me and leave me drained. Would I do the same workout on my own? Probably not. Because the coach is pushing me to finish the exercise and is holding me accountable, I am more likely to achieve the results I am wanting.

So, is it working? Absolutely! It is making a difference and now I am seeing the benefits of the training. So it is with our practices. We are individuals who will always take the path of least resistance. We fumble our way to sales and in many cases do an adequate job. A great coach or personal trainer will challenge you and assist your practice to be the best it can be. Consider hiring a personal trainer for your practice and pay them a percentage of your increased production. Caution, you may not like the “work-outs” initially but with time, they become easier and the results are much more noticeable.