It is surprisingly simple and yet it is my observation that few people take the time to set their goals. I have likened it in the past to going on a vacation with no idea of the destination you are going. Without a destination in mind, how in the world will you know when you get there?

Your goals can be set simply such as ‘I want to write 3 applications per week’ or can be more detailed such as keeping to a 20 point day. The actual goal is not as important as actually setting one. You will usually achieve your goal as long as you are realistic and committed to obtaining it. I remember setting a goal once to write 10 applications per month (120 for the year) and when it was all said and done, I was short five applications. I really pushed at the end but it just didn’t happen. My disappointment at not making my goal faded quickly when I looked back at the previous year and realized that I had only written 83 applications. Even though I didn’t achieve my ultimate goal, I produced 32 more applications which equated to a 38% increase in my production. Had I started the year with expectations of increasing my production by 38%, I might have given up.

Make sure when you set your goals to keep them simple. Make sure you make them realistic but also a challenge to achieve. If you have set goals in the past, take them to new levels and feel free to put more detail into the process. What you achieve will be based mostly on what you dream.