In golf, the target is to put the little white ball in the hole somewhere in the distance. If you are like me, you sometimes find yourself offline from the target. In our practices, the same scenario can develop.

From the tee box, the hole seems simple; hit the ball down the middle of the fairway. Because of deficiencies in my abilities, my ball may decide to veer to right or to the left and I find myself off target. Now I could just take my next shot in whatever direction I wanted to but in order to get the best score possible, it is important to get back on target. There is still a chance I can hit my goal which is par but only if I remember to stay on target. Even if I come up short on that hole, I still have seventeen other holes to help me get back on track to achieve my goal.

Our business is no different. We are going to have our sales go awry once in a while. We either get ourselves back on target or start swinging in whatever direction we deem appropriate. When these things happen, ask yourself, “Where is my target and what is the method to still try and achieve it?” Remember, just as in golf, the round isn’t over till it’s over. Instead of having eighteen holes, you have 52 weeks.