I remember once when I was a kid, someone told me they could pick up my house and move it across the street. “That is impossible!” I said. He then proceeded to explain that by moving one brick at a time, it could easily be done.

The old adage of “It’s hard by the yard, a cinch by the inch” still remains true. If at the beginning of the year, you decide your goal is to write 150 applications, it may be slightly intimidating and writing 300 would be next to impossible. So let’s break it down to manageable bites. Since last I looked, the calendar has 52 weeks. Let’s decide to take two weeks of vacation leaving 50 weeks to work. So, to achieve your 150 application goal, you would need to write 3 applications per week. Since for most of us, we are willing to work six days if necessary, that means writing one application every other day. I know from my experience, in many cases I usually write more than one application in the household, it might only require 3 to 4 appointments per week with a maximum of a couple of hours per appointment. Really, eight to ten hours of work per week? Heck; that is less than a part time job at the grocery store.

Now, let’s look at your 300 application goal which seemed impossible. That would require six applications per week or one application per day. Since we normally sleep eight hours and let’s take another four hours of downtime, you are looking at working (selling insurance) about 16% of the time.

What would happen to your production if you were selling just 25% of your time? Do the math and break it down, you will be amazed.