Most carriers used to provide rewards such as contests or company trips. Many still do and why do you think they do it? The reason is quite simple. IT WORKS!

I am sure that much of my success in sells was the trips that Mutual of Omaha provided. My wife was always aware of the next trip and would push me to make sure we were invited.

Even if a carrier doesn’t provide you with the opportunity to go on a sponsored trip, nothing prevents you from setting one up for yourself.

Let me provide an example on how to do it. Let’s say your previous year production was 100 applications and based on an average of $500 of commission on each case, your first year commission was $50,000. The trip (reward) you want to go on will cost $10,000 (trip to Tahiti). Now, in my opinion, you need to increase your revenue by $20,000 of which half will be used for the trip. In this example, you would need to write 140 applications in the coming year to qualify for the trip.

Want to make it real and force your adherence? Make a down payment on the trip early in the year. It will surprise you how diligently you will work towards your qualification.

If travel isn’t your thing, find other rewards but make them real and share how you are going to qualify with others. They will hold you accountable and help you try and achieve the goal.