Over the years, I have many times vowed to lose weight. I have come to the realization that I am not being honest with myself. If I truly wanted to lose weight, I would stop entertaining, enjoying good food and wine, and change my overall lifestyle. The reality is that I enjoy those things more than being slimmer. So in being honest with myself, I have decided that the scale isn’t my master. My approach is to exercise, not to lose weight but to live healthier.

That type of honesty carries over into our practices. If you are not honest to yourself, you can never achieve your full potential. Obtaining your goals will only happen if you are willing to put forth the effort necessary. If you only want to work 2 or 3 hours a day, don’t expect to sell 100 apps. If your day consists of coming in late, reading emails, looking at social media sites, going to lunch, and going home early, you are cheating yourself and not really interested in achieving success.

Being the best you can be is difficult work and only a few will reach their full potential. Ask yourself; what is it that you are really truly interested in? Your answer, if you are being honest, will determine where your efforts should be directed.