In the three decades of being in this industry, I have witnessed many individuals come and go as agents. Usually it happens when they start to cut corners and don’t stay focused.

Cutting corners doesn’t mean being dishonest, although that sometimes does happen. An agent is so intent on being number one or needs an application or two to make an honor club or trip and they start to do things they would never do otherwise. Compliance always seems to catch up with them at sometime.

No, I am referring to developing bad habits. Instead of showing up at the office early, they start coming in later. Instead of working in the evening, they decide to go home early. Instead of seeing 10 people a week, they decide 9 is enough and pretty soon it becomes 8, then 7 and so on. They start finding excuses as to why they are not hitting their targets.

In my golf analogy, they try to cut the corner on the dog-leg and find their ball in the trees with absolutely no shot. Had they stayed true to the fairway, they would have had a simple shot towards the green. By being in the trees, they have a tendency to give up or worse yet, use a foot wedge and move the ball. Either of those options is wrong and are a direct result of “cutting the corner.”