Early in most everyone’s career, there is a fear to talk to prospects because of a perception that you lack the knowledge necessary. As time goes on, the tendency is to think we know everything. Both of these opinions are wrong.

The new agent is scared of talking to someone and not knowing all the answers. Of course, the prospect doesn’t know the answer or they wouldn’t be asking. There is absolutely no reason to think that the answer needs to be immediate. A great response to a question is “I am not sure the correct answer to your question but I know just who to talk to and I will be back in touch first thing tomorrow.” The client will understand and appreciate your honesty and diligence of getting the right answer rather than shooting from the hip. In fact, I would even venture to say that by always knowing the answer immediately, you offend the client as making their question trivial.

The other extreme is even more dangerous. That is the experienced agent who thinks they know everything. They no longer feel the need to educate themselves. With changes happening throughout our industry, these individuals are not only uninformed, they are potentially doing a huge disservice to their clients.

We have the obligation to our clients to not only stay informed but continue to educate ourselves on those segments of the industry we lack knowledge in. It is amazing to me the number of times I have heard experienced agents say they don’t know anything about a certain segment of our profession. Why wouldn’t you at least have a basic understanding of the coverage your client may need? Yes, we have the expert but stating your ignorance seems detrimental to your stature as an insurance professional.