The election is over and all through the land, not a person was sure what Trump had on hand.

 His knowledge is huge and the bluster is over, it’s now time for ACA to be covered with clover.

 Keep some or repeal all is the question today, which is better is for us, it is so hard to say.

 The only point made, that’s hard to deny, is that all would be covered was definitely a lie.

 We will see change that is definitely true, how that change will affect us, we haven’t a clue

 With a strong voice, Mr. Trump we did elect, and by that very nature, ACA we did reject.

Ok, I am not a poet but what the heck, it actually sounds fine. The election is over, so what happens next? President-Elect Trump has said he intends to repeal ACA as soon as he takes office. Although this makes for good campaign material, the truth is that it will be much more difficult to unravel the entire mess created by the law. Just as the mistake with the law was its overwhelming effect on the health insurance industry, its dismantling must be done in a way that allows the public, the carriers, and the professional insurance agents the opportunity to adjust. When things are done too quickly, they are rarely down correctly. Simple repeal with no replacement would be disastrous. With that said, we need to start the unraveling of this horrible web immediately.

I have been asked how I think things will go and although I don’t have a crystal ball in which to see the future, logic does give some clues. The new administration would need sixty votes in the Senate to completely repeal the ACA. This would require a bipartisan effort and although it could happen, the chances are about the same as me winning a beauty contest. Parts of the bill can be undone with a simple majority under the guise of reconciliation. Those parts of the law that are connected to the tax code per se, only need a majority vote to be passed. Earlier this year, that is exactly what happened when H.R. 3762 was passed in the House, was able to gain a majority in the Senate and was sent to the President. For the most part, the bill’s intent was to completely defund the ACA and by that very nature, the law would fall apart. Of course, President Obama vetoed the bill and since there were not enough votes to override the veto, the bill died. With President-Elect Trump in the White House, it would be possible that a similar bill would be sent to his desk and he would most likely sign it. Without the funds needed, the rest of ACA would quickly fall apart but each part would need to be changed by law. This would take time and a bipartisan effort to keep from harming the public as well as the private insurance carriers. We need to be careful on how this all happens.

So, what can be done? First, and absolutely imperative, is to allow short-term medical policies to remain a viable option thoughout 2017. Current regulation will only allow these policies to be written (after March 2017) for up to 90 days. This needs to be changed immediately so these plans can be kept until January of 2018. Secondly, the individual and group mandates need to be eliminated. The amount of confusion because of the delay in implementation makes both of these useless. This would allow individuals who are looking at horrendous premiums an opportunity to find better coverage at a lesser rate. Since we have been able to delay the implementation since 2010, what’s another year? Consumers would find immediate relief and these two things would allow the market some time to prepare adequately for 2018.

I have numerous other thoughts on things that need to happen as we unravel ACA but I am much more interested in what you think. What would you want to see and how would you implement? Please take some time and think of items and/or suggestions that you would like to see and either use the comment part of the blog or send me an email at Tell me how we can make the HEALTH INSURANCE INDUSTRY GREAT AGAIN!