Seems like there are many people I meet over the course of the year that are not as passionate about life and their careers as they once were. Many are just going through the motions and have lost the zeal that new agents and brokers have. Gone are the days of excitement in making the deal or solving the problem; now it is just collect their check and sit in the office waiting for the day when someone will magically walk in and want to buy their practice. They have lost the reason to excel.

I still enjoy the times that a potential client comes to me with a concern or a problem and asked for my assistance. See, I know the products and services I provide will save someone in the future of financial difficulties when they are least prepared for them. I have watched the true magic of our products and the results of my work save a family or business. Today, there are those who are only concerned in finding the cheapest premium or lowest cost term product. There is no salesmanship in finding the lowest cost. There is no salesmanship in finding an inferior product. There is no pride when you are not a salesperson in our industry. Our pride and satisfaction comes from finding the right product to solve a future problem that the client doesn’t even realize is present. Too many times, the agent will spend all of their efforts on finding a low-cost product when, if they truly did their jobs, they would find a solution that the client wants and the agent’s reward would not be just monetary, but would provide inner satisfaction for doing the right thing.

You know what I am talking about. When you were new in the business, you would be thrilled when the client took your advice. Then as you grew in the business, you started to place your priorities ahead of the client. “How much money is that solution going to cost and the client may not be able to afford it.” You start to answer the client’s concerns before they even have a chance to express them. Finding a solution that another agent will probably use rather than doing what it right for the client. “if I don’t show them these cheap term rates, someone else will and I will lose the sale.”

I would suggest you give up a sale rather than lower your standards. You know that term will not ultimately solve a client’s needs for life insurance and yet, it seems that it the first thing many agents start with. I would suggest that an agent start with permanent insurance and use term as a last resort when there are not resources that the client can use. By doing that, you will be surprised on how many times the client will take your advice and purchase a permanent solution. I have always said that you can’t use temporary solutions to solve a permanent problem. Death will occur but not usually during the term that we expect.

Take pride back in what you do for people and bring your passion back to your practice. You will find the days go faster and you will increase your bottom line to a point where you don’t care about an offer.

Have a great and blessed Easter Season.