I hear all the time how everyone wants to help others. We see it constantly in the media, on social media sites, and by well-meaning individuals on Facebook. GoFundMe and other crowd funding sites are all the rage. Let me mention the most under-utilized and most selfless method of helping others. It is called INSURANCE! Purchasing insurance (especially life insurance) is the most selfless act someone can show. The very fact that by purchasing insurance that you hope you will never use, you are providing dollars for those who were unfortunate enough to have experienced a loss. In life insurance, the premiums you pay today are being paid out to widows, orphans, businesses, and charities that have had a loss. At the same time, a promise that others will take care of your loved ones when you pass is also being made.

Let’s compare that to “Go Fund ME.” The very fact that the last word in the title is ME should indicate the selfishness of the program. It isn’t about others as much as it is about ME. Many younger people see this as charity but if they really wanted to make a difference, they would have encouraged others to protect themselves for the losses. The fact is if everyone would buy protection, there would be no need for things like GoFundMe. I liken these sites like panhandling online. I might as well hold a sign in the middle of the street and beg for money. Whatever happened to being self-reliant and avoiding at all costs the act of begging for money? I understand that circumstances can happen and begging is your only option, but in the United States we have access to programs and insurance like nowhere else in the world. We have tools and services that can protect individuals if used. Unfortunately, in many cases, it was a selfish act that led to these individuals needing to be funded. Had these “beggars” paid the same amount as they are now asking others to contribute, they would not be in the position they find themselves in now. To quote Benjamin Franklin, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” couldn’t be truer. I want to update it for our industry to “I’ll fund you with insurance to prevent having you need to ‘GoFundMe.’”

Protection is what professional insurance agents provide.