So, it has been a while since I have blogged and that is mostly from the lack of issues that I have felt passionate about. That changed last week when House Member Pramilia Jayapal (D-WA) introduced the Medicare For All Act (H.R. 1384). This bill would do away with all private insurance coverage, including ACA, employer-provided benefits, Medicaid, and current Medicare. The new plan would have Government pay for all “medically necessary” health care – at no cost to the patient. The bill includes a comprehensive list of medical services that would be provided (including, but not limited to, hospitalization, doctor’s visits, mental health, “reproductive care” (including abortions), prescription drugs, and preventive care. The Government would pay for these items on a fee for service basis and rates would be determined by the Government. This bill has over 100 co-sponsors. Look it up, these are congresspeople who think this is the perfect solution.

Since this is the most absurd idea that I have seen for some time, it reminds me of when the ACA (Obamacare) was introduced and it was the craziest thing up to that point. I have a couple of questions for Representative Jayapal and the 100 + co-signers. Why not just require that Government take over the hospitals and physicians? That way, these services could be provided by federal employees. This would reduce the overhead of reimbursements which requires paperwork and setting of fees. There would be no need for insurance (Medicare) as costs are uniform and insurance is just a way to spread risk. Since there would be no risk, as everything is covered, there would be no need for Medicare (an insurance).

More importantly, and the true reason that I am writing this blog, is the fact that this type of thinking needs to stop immediately. Who is it in the Government that will decide what is “medically necessary”? With the now infamous “legal” ability to kill (murder) a newborn infant, would a parent even have input, or would a government employee decide on what is “reproductive care”? You may think I am being extreme in my thought process, but step back 10 years and would you have believed that we would murder a newborn infant? We, as a society, are now not only allowing these infanticides but in some ways actually condoning it unless we speak out and stop it. With this bill, we would be using our tax dollars (our own money), to pay for these murders. It is time to step up and stop the insanity. A Medicare for All (except obviously for these newborn infants) is dangerous, unaffordable, and unnecessary. Get involved with your vote and your voice. Vote for those who will protect newborns and raise your voice against those who won’t. Quit worrying about being politically correct when it comes to core issues. Let’s retain what freedoms we have and let’s keep America great.