Well, it has been quite a while since I last put anything out here but with things starting to slow for me, I thought it would be great to catch up. If you haven’t had a chance, stop by the new digs and I will give you a tour. Although the rest of the building is still being built out, our floor and training room on the third floor are completed. With that said, new pieces of furniture are being added or small details are still being completed. I have never built a house but imagine it would be much the same and with many more people involved. The office is stunning, and the work put in by Russ, the management team, and all of the employees is definitely noticed. People who I have shown around comment on the warmth and natural flow of the space. I will confess that, as we went through the process, there were times that the frustration was overwhelming. The frustration was not with our architect (Carlson, West, Povondra) nor with the contractor (MCL). They were absolutely phenomenal. Where most of the problems arose were working with the bank who did the construction loan. I am not accustomed to how banks work and consider myself a reasonable person who keeps their word and expect others to do the same. With that said, the bank who did the permanent financing (UMB) has done a fantastic job and my anxiety has been greatly reduced.

With the building done, I ask myself what the next project will be. I believe it is time to expand the footprint of OCI. We have the tools, knowledge, systems, and contracts to grow exponentially. What we don’t have is team members to handle this growth. Our culture is rich and we are selective in the people we allow to join the family. This also allows us to find the best people and provide them the opportunity to reach any goal they set. I will always say that we don’t have any job openings, we have career opportunities. If you think you have the right personality and want unlimited opportunity, come give us a visit. We are not your stereotypical insurance agency; we are the future of what risk transfer operations will look like. Hope to see you soon.