Is it just me or have we become so unwilling to listen to others and are so set in our ways that even families, friends, and co-workers cannot disagree without arguing? I recall times when we could gather around the Thanksgiving Day table and carry on great conversations without having to worry about hurting someone’s feelings. Good debate was always welcomed and, even though one might disagree, we could remain civil.

Today, the media whips everyone into a frenzy and the willingness to discuss these important issues is lost. Some decide it’s best not to even bring up the issues and – if you are like me – told by your spouse that certain topics are off-limits. We are even now told not to wear certain colored hats because it may offend someone.

Our institutions were built by those who welcomed free speech and openness. It is a shame to see these hallmarks no longer tolerated. I, for one, welcome opposing viewpoints as it allows me to consider why I feel the way I do – whether it is that one person is the best thing in the world or that very same person should be removed. Is he moving things in the right direction or is he setting us up for failure? Every single person should have the right to express their opinion and others should allow them to speak with no fear of reprisal. This is America and this is College Football. Go Hawkeyes.