I am sure that at some point you have had an eye exam and heard the above phrase. Did you realize that less than one-third of the population has this trait? Based on a national survey, nearly 73% of the population has some type of problem with their vision. Imagine if I could help you achieve perfect 20/20 vision by doing a few simple exercises. Read on to get the details.

  1. Write down what you hope to achieve in 2020. Oh, so you thought I could help your eyes? Nope, I am talking about achieving goals in this coming year. By writing down those things you want to accomplish, you will start a roadmap. By developing your roadmap, you will begin to see how to make those goals a reality.
  2. Share the goals you set with a close friend, family member, or work associate. Ask them to help you in achieving your goals. It is amazing how by sharing with someone, you are much more likely to achieve the goal. Good coaches know that by getting an athlete to write down and share a goal, it is much easier to make it happen.
  3. Decide on the number one goal you have set and begin the process of achieving it. For instance, let’s say that your number one goal this year is to increase your income. If this is the case, you need to begin immediately to work towards that goal. Every day you wait just increases the work in the future.
  4. Ask the person who you shared your goal with if they could help you in this initial stage. You may be surprised to hear how willing they are to help, and they may provide you with some guidance that is needed. With the example above, they may provide an idea or two that will help you find that new income.
  5. Review your goals with your team and listen to the comments that are provided. Two minds are always better than one and sometimes we need others to keep us on track.

These few tweaks to your work will help you achieve a strong 20/20 vision and make sure that the coming year will be clear and bright. Happy New Year and welcome to 2020.