Guest blog by Hannah Ries, OCI Vice President of People & Culture

About a year ago, the executive team at OCI started to reevaluate the Why behind what we do. We had an in-depth dive into a lot of different ideas from helping protect the general public to increasing our bottom line. While those are all well and good, the conversation kept coming back to supporting our own families and the people we work with daily. My position took a large shift because of this, making my new title Vice President of People and Culture. If the people within our walls are our most important asset – which, make no mistake about it, they are – then we needed to make sure we reflected that mentality in everything we do. Our business and hiring practice shifted as well and we have seen great success in an incredibly competitive hiring market.

OCI is a disrupter of the market in a lot of things: we make insurance simple, we bring fun to the insurance world, and we have a unique way of finding new, quality coworkers. It is comically simple how we started finding our fantastic staff. Do you remember the last time you had a server at a restaurant that was always on top of things and chatted with your group but didn’t seem to linger? Or when you went and bought new furniture and the person who helped you made you feel like you were the only customer in the store by taking the time to answer all of your questions? Those are the types of people we are constantly looking for. Yes, insurance is complicated and has a lot of intricacies, but you can teach someone about insurance much easier than you can teach someone to be a kind, helpful human. Our entire staff has business cards so that they can give them out when they encounter someone that excels at customer service.

No matter what aspect of OCI you deal with, at the end of the day, it’s the customer service our exceptional staff provides that keeps you coming back. If there was a customer service award in Omaha, I’d put our staff up against anyone.