As we enter the 4th of July weekend, I thought I would write a short blog on some things to think about. Our country was born 244 years ago with a document signed by just 56 individuals. These men were willing to give up all they had, including their lives if necessary, to promote freedom. As Mr. Jefferson penned the document (which by the way was not signed till around August 2), each of the signers had to think about what they were doing. Many were wealthy and comfortable in their lives and by signing, everything would be lost. They signed anyway. Some would eventually be executed, they signed anyway. Some would lose all their wealth and die bankrupt, they signed anyway. Some would lose their families, they signed anyway.

We all live comfortable lives today; would you sign a document that might possibly have the consequences that they encountered? I like to think that I would be willing to do so but it is something I am glad is not required of me. Would I be one of the 56 who signed it or would I be John Dickinson who refused to sign? His hope was to take more time and hope that things would improve. Something to ponder as we enjoy the fruits of the 56 men who risked everything to provide the freedoms we have today.

Enjoy the weekend and celebrate our Country’s birthday.