Well, it was bound to happen at some point as so it has. I came down with COVID-19. I am not going to lie, it was a concern as to how the virus would affect a 61-year-old who is in shape (round is a shape). Would I be one of the statistical few or would I be on the side of the majority?

Let me start by explaining that I didn’t dwell on either outcome. You see, this isn’t my first experience with understanding my own mortality and obviously won’t be my last. Me and viruses have a thing, we seem to understand that they will attack, and I will fight them off. A few years ago I was attacked by a mosquito who was carrying West Nile virus. That in itself doesn’t mean that you will develop symptoms just as being exposed to COVID-19 doesn’t mean you will experience symptoms either. With the mosquito bite, I did experience symptoms and some were severe. Now, the body went to work and the immune system stepped up and defeated the virus, but I understood that it could have been different. I thank God that it turned out the way it did but never take it for granted.

A year or two later, I had a more serious opportunity to contemplate my mortality. I was diagnosed with Osteomyelitis, although it is a bacterial rather than viral attack, it was significantly more serious. So serious that the doctor suggested that 48 hours was the time period to put affairs in order. This time, my immune system needed reinforcements to beat the enemy and they were sent in the way of antibiotics (four months of intravenous injections). But again, by the grace of God, my body defeated the invaders and I fully recovered.

So when we started to hear of COVID-19, I knew I was destined to get it and it would be God’s will how I would respond. That is why from the beginning I haven’t worried about it. It is also why I have not changed how I live life. It isn’t that I don’t care about others, or that I have a political view, it is rather that my trust has been and will continue to be in God. Fear of dying is not living and nothing we do can change God’s will anyway. Now, as I come through my bout with the latest virus, I assure you that it isn’t enjoyable to experience and I am still feeling some minor effects after the 2 weeks but, I have had worse. The loss of taste and smell is most disconcerting, the headaches, temperature, and cough are uncomfortable, but really, much less than some colds my body has fought.

Now onward till the next virus comes along, and if it is God’s will, let it be done.