If Face Amount Less Than $249,999 ► Ability to Run Your Own Quotes

  • Guaranteed Issue Solutions – No Underwriting
  • Graded Whole Life (Ages 40-80 | $10,000-$40,000)
  • Accidental Death (Ages 18-60 | $50,000-$350,000)
  • No-Term Solutions Available

Graded Whole Life
(Ages 40-80 | $10,000-$40,000)

STEP 1: Get A Quote

Click the button below for the 4 Underwriting questions to ask your clients prior to presenting their quote.

The questions allow you to see if they qualify for 25% more Death Benefit – with no additional cost!

Great Western Quoting Tool

STEP 2: Get Contracted with Carrier(s)

If you’re already contracted with a carrier, please proceed to Step 3. 

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STEP 3: Submit E-Application

You must be contracted with a carrier before you can obtain access to the e-app platforms below. (See Step 2.)

Great Western E-Application Link

• Must get contracted before getting access to E-App.
• Getting Contracted: Click here to get started. Once the appointment is completed (you’ll receive an email from GWIC) Click Here.
• Click request a new profile (this is an instant registration).
• E-App
• Login.
• Select my enroller online.
• Electronic App Questions? Call (800) 733-5454 option 1, option 2.

Note: Difference in plan options:
Assurance Plus: Answered “No” to the 4 underwriting questions.
Guaranteed Assurance: Answered “Yes” to one of the 4 underwriting questions.

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Accidental Death
(Ages 18-70 | $50,000-$500,000)

STEP 1: Get A Quote

Mutual of Omaha Quoting Tool
  • Benefit only pays as a result of an accident. It will not pay if death is the result of a medical condition.
  • Agent must hold an active health license in the state that they are submitting business in.
  • Case management will come directly from Mutual of Omaha and not OCI.

STEP 2: Submit E-Application

We will get you contracted after you submit the e-application.

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