Disability Insurance

Disability Made Simple

OCI has partnered with Breeze to simplify Disability Insurance – selling disability is now streamlined and personalized. This means your clients have the ability to receive better protection with instant quotes, an online application that takes just minutes to complete, and flexible benefits.


Assess Your Client’s Ability to Qualify

If your client has had any of the below, they will not be able to qualify for Disability Insurance:

  • BMI – over 39.9 (BMI Calculator)
  • Bankruptcy less than 2 years ago
  • Criminal Charges in last 10 years
  • Serious Health Issues – Diabetes (with Insulin), MS, Chron’s, etc.
  • Drug and Alcohol abuse with treatment in last 5 years
  • Recent declines by another carrier for medical issues
  • Anxiety and Depression (not uninsurable, but likely an exclusion on the policy)

If you would like to check pre-qualification for your client, please complete this form:
Disability Pre-Qualification Form


Get Set Up With Breeze

Click below to request your own agent portal link with Breeze:

Request Agent Portal Link

Note: Completing the form will give you access to the quoting software. In 24 hours you will receive an email from Breeze with your Agent Portal & link.

Questions? Contact Matt McNally at Breeze at 402.316.6630.


Quoting and Submitting E-Application through Breeze

  • Get a Quote using Breeze software.
  • Submit e-application using Breeze software.

Questions? Please email lifesales@ociservices.com or call 531.375.5475.

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