Here are three ways for a person to make their first payment, once in the system, prior to receiving their first bill:

  1. Use the following form – set up first payment and/or ongoing ACH withdrawals – mail or fax in.
  2. The member may call 888-592-8211 and make their first payment over the phone,
  3. Visit, use their social security number, and add a 0 at the end, and they can go online to make their first month’s payment.  They can do this without having their Medica ID #.

Also: Processing of apps from is running behind, so if you have clients enrolled through there, and they have received confirmation from, they will get into the system, but be patient, as Medica is running a couple of weeks behind on those.
If you have any questions please contact your Account Executive or call us at 402-330-8700.