Reach us by phone at 402-330-8700. If you know who you want to speak with, you can look up their email below.


Name Title Email Phone
Misty Johnson Director of People & Culture Email Misty 402-330-8700
Marie Matuella HR Administrator Email Marie 402-330-8700
Tony McNair Client Communications Specialist Email Tony 402-330-8700
Russ Eihausen Director of Operations Email Russ 402-330-8700


General Contact:

Name Title Email Phone
Rebecca Marsh Contracting Specialist Email Rebecca 402-330-8700
Mary Le Contracting Administrator Email Mary 402-330-8700


Name Title Email Phone
Sarah Krejci Controller Email Sarah 402-330-8700
Rich Boltz

Director of Process Development & Data Integrity Email Rich 402-330-9481
Darrin Faughn Director of Commissions Email Darrin 402-330-8700
Erin Eltiste Senior Accounting Analyst Email Erin 402-330-8700
Alan Wang Commissions Analyst Email Alan 402-330-8700

Financial Solutions

Name Title Email Phone
Nick Elbert Vice President of Financial Solutions Email Nick 402-697-5634
Desireé Macaitis Director of Financial Solutions Email Desireé 402-330-8700
Aaron Clark Financial Solutions Sales Executive Email Aaron 402-330-8700
Darwin “DC” Couch Financial Solutions Sales Manager Email DC 402-697-5629
Joe Gordon Enterprise Relationship Specialist Email Joe 402-330-8700
Jason Rich Financial Solutions Case Manager Specialist Email Jason 402-330-8700
Lesley Castanaza Financial Solutions Case Manager Email Lesley 402-330-8700
Madison Carlisle Financial Solutions Case Manager Email Madison 402-330-8700

Group Benefits

General Contact:

Name Title Email Phone
Paul Scholz Senior Vice President of Group Sales Email Paul 402-330-8700
Agency Relationships
Jessica Colo Business Development Manager Email Jessica 402-330-8700
Nate Berger Senior Account Executive Email Nate 402-697-5641
Justin Wilberger Account Executive Email Justin 402-330-9494
Randy Somercik Business Development Manager Email Randy 402-330-8700
Eric Larson Senior Account Executive Email Eric 402-697-5625
Hannah Ries Business Development Manager Email Hannah 402-330-8700
Split Case Group
Todd Drapal Senior Employee Benefit Specialist Email Todd 402-697-5631
Richard Lipprand Employee Benefit Specialist Email Richard 402-330-8700
Scott Large Employee Benefit Specialist Email Scott 402-330-8700
Brittney Williams Account Manager Email Brittney 402-330-8700
Ryan Rourke Director of Group Sales Email Ryan 402-330-8700
New Group Sales
Alexander Houston Group Sales Senior Specialist Email Alexander 402-330-8700
Lindsey Ahrens Group Sales Administrator Email Lindsey 402-330-8700
In Force Group
Jessica Heywood InForce Manager Email Jessica 402-697-5628
Beverly Deitering In Force Specialist Email Beverly 402-697-5642
Pam Eihausen Account Manager Email Pam 402-330-8700
Jessica Brown In Force Administrator Email Jessica 402-330-8700
Taylor Warren Renewals Specialist Email Taylor 402-330-8700
Lexi Dillon Renewals Administrator Email Lexi 402-330-8700
Benefits Enrollment
Wesley Pratt Group Benefit Enrollment Specialist Email Wesley 402-330-8700

Individual Sales

General Contact:

Name Title Email Phone
Under Age 65
Ashley Larson Individual & Medicare Manager Email Ashley 402-697-5635
Alli Ohl Individual Administration Specialist Email Alli 402-330-8700
Brittney McLaughlin Individual Split Case Specialist Email Brittney 402-330-8700
Stephanie Powell Individual Administration Specialist Email Stephanie 402-330-8700
Split Case Sales
Yvonne Warren Individual & Medicare Enrollment Specialist Email Yvonne 402-330-8700
Chris Basile Individual & Medicare Enrollment Specialist Email Chris 402-330-8700
Chris Morton Individual Enrollment Specialist Email Chris 402-330-8700
Jessica Fletcher Medicare Benefits Specialist Email Jessica 402-330-8700
Bryce Burnett Medicare Benefits Specialist Email Bryce 402-330-8700
Katie Perkins Medicare Administrator Email Katie 402-330-8700


General Contact:

Name Title Email Phone
Kenny Peel Director of IT Email Kenny 402-330-8700
Sean Peel Systems Engineer Email Sean 402-330-8700
Cody Sahs Desktop Support Email Cody 402-330-8700


Name Title Email Phone
Paige Kirlin Marketing Manager Email Paige 402-330-8700
Julie Torres Marketing & Visual Designer Email Julie 402-932-1045


Name Title Email Phone
Chuck Olson CEO Email Chuck 402-330-8700
Charles Olson II President Email Charles 402-330-8700
Nate Olson Executive Vice President Email Nate 402-330-8700